Some things are funny. Some things go boom.
Work in Progress

I am a stranger to myself and others.

The view from the windows of my mind have become cluttered -

with the what ifs and the maybes and should have beens.

I miss you but I really just miss another,

another time and place

where I could have had time to mask this with some sort of grace.

A state of my mind that doesnโ€™t not begin to comprehend,

the truth of the matter is searching for the when.

When did it all become like this all of the time?

With all of this energy, when did I let the sadness become mine?

I was strong but now I’m weak.

I am blind to see what it is anyone sees as me.


Happy Birthday, Papa!
All the technique in the world doesnโ€™t compensate for the inability to notice.

Elliott Erwitt

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